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Tourism Law Peru

The Peruvian legal system contemplates no such specialty as Tourism Law per se, however, does this mean that there should be no accountability in this realm should an incident requiring legal assistance take place whilst vacationing? We at MONTEBLANCO & ASSOCIATES do not belief in zero accountability; we believe that if you have any doings within the travel industry while in Peru, then someone needs to be made accountable for this. This is why we provide a full range of legal services to the travel, leisure and hospitality industries in Peru.

Counsel at MONTEBLANCO & ASSOCIATES has an unsurpassed depth of knowledge, experience and technical expertise in travel law, leisure law, tourism law and hospitality law in Peru. What happens when you book a trip comprised of a certain itinerary, schedule and is supposed to include specific levels of services but these are not met? To make matters worst, no one gives you an explanation, what do you do? What can you do? If you bought the ticket on-line then at some point you checked off a box under a bunch of fine print that frees the service provider from all responsibilities and that there is nothing you can do; or so you are led to believe. Regardless, under our specialized legal assistance, despite what you may have signed or checked off, there is plenty you can do legally to exert your right to get what you paid for. You see, our business is to deal with the legal responsibilities of travel agents and tour operators, travel advertising and selling travel, booking conditions, travel insurance and the Travel Agents Act, Airlines and pretty much anyone involved in this equation and we make them accountable for their actions or lack thereof.

MONTEBLANCO & ASSOCIATES acts on behalf of the traveler, the travel agent, tour operator, airline, hotel, restaurant and convention centers. This highly specialized area of the law has many names, including but not limited to travel law, tourism law, hospitality law, holiday law, leisure law and even vacation law. Either way, we strive to uphold the law and make all parties accountable for the fulfillment of their agreements.

For those in the business of tourism, please note that the careful design and provision of a legal structure will shield you from issues that may rise in the course of operating a travel, leisure or hospitality business. We are however not in the business of protecting the guilty and will choose wisely who we work with.

We offer specific legal services for both the Traveler and the Travel Industry. For the latter, this service can be in the form of preemptive legal protection to mitigate the chances of litigious actions filed against you.

Travel Legal Shield

MONTEBLANCO & ASSOCIATES has created a highly effective business program called Travel Legal Shield, which provides specifically tailored consulting and documentation services to the travel and hospitality industries.

This service includes the following legal assistance:

  • Travel advertising
  • Tour and cruise booking conditions
  • Sale and purchases of businesses and franchises
  • Elaboration of legal Agreements to appoint travel agents, resorts, suppliers etc.
  • Protection of copyright and trademarked material
  • Tourism employment law and HR support
  • Travel websites
  • Leases, Timeshare, Property Sales and Purchases
  • The Hazards of Travel Insurance
  • Just how suitable is that tour?

Travel litigation services

We are experienced in representing the travel industry (and the occasional traveler/consumer) in tourism law disputes before the Peruvian Courts.

  • Disputes between travel agents, wholesalers and airlines
  • Travel consumer claims
  • Air travel passenger claims
  • Enforcing contractual indemnities
  • International Conventions/Treatise
  • Overseas claims
  • Personal injury claims
  • Travel compensation law
  • Travel insurance law
  • Defending class actions
  • Hotel and resort guest claims

Please note that at MONTEBLANCO & ASSOCIATES, we maintain a commercial approach to litigation in that we believe that a commercially negotiated settlement is often better than a day in Court. We will advise you of the likely costs of any legal action in a timely and sensible manner and provide you our legal opinion regarding possible outcomes, but it will be you who ultimately decides what option to take.

Should you have any concerns regarding this area feel free to contact us for further assistance.