Before a plaintiff can process with their case, the defendant must be notified of the pending action — this is known as services of process, which varies among legal jurisdictions. Due to the nuance of services of process around the world, proper execution is critical from the outset to establish personal jurisdiction of the court over the person served.

The method by which a defendant is served depends not only on the jurisdiction’s particular process but also on whether the region is a signatory of the Hague Service Convention. Countries not obligated to comply may also lack a formal service of process. Most often, a summons (or related document) is delivered to the defendant or a person over 18 residing with the defendant.

The Monteblanco & Associates Process Service Network specializes in legal proceedings in Central and South America. Currently, we serve Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, and Uruguay and operate offices in nine countries in the region, strategically located in hubs that support the region’s remaining ten countries and its ten dependencies.

Our Network provides turnkey and custom process services for all 20 countries in Central and South America and their ten dependencies, including official translations completed by a certified translator registered with the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Strategic International Divorce Preparation

Our Process Service Network is adept in facilitating strategic international divorce preparation. Many divorce proceedings are complicated and some are made more complex when the parties are of different nationalities or when one party holds considerable financial assets. Meticulous planning is critical to achieving a client’s desired outcome in an international divorce proceeding. Our team begins the process by examining the family’s complete financial position, determining the client’s specific goals, providing an initial evaluation of the law in foreigner-friendly jurisdictions, and strategically focusing on the most favorable jurisdictions.

Each jurisdiction is carefully evaluated by anticipating issues that may arise. These issues include jurisdictional regulation; grounds for divorce; assets, asset division, and trust assets; relevant or questionable conduct of involved parties; court philosophy; spousal maintenance; enforceability; prenuptial agreements; and treatment of children or dependents. Once each of these factors is considered, our client works with the lead attorney on their case to determine the most favorable strategy and jurisdiction before moving forward.

To consult a professional regarding your specific case please call our US office at (503) 334-4870 or our mobile (718) 570-1341 or write us at

In the event you wish to retain our Process Service services, this is what we will need from you:

  • If sending via email (where electronic filing applies), a PDF version of the service documents combined into one (1) file.
  • If sending via courier (for the most part), send three (3) originals and two (2) copies of the documents to be served.
  • A letter of instructions advising us of the defendant’s name, service address (home or work), and requested method of service (i.e. formal or informal).
  • Payment for the service fees is in U.S. dollars and in advance to our New York office.
  • Advise if your office is going to provide an Affidavit of service or if we will use our own.


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