At MONTEBLANCO & ASSOCIATES, we have developed strategies and structures that enable clients to meet and comply with harsh Peruvian tax laws. Our tax attorneys work closely with the firm’s corporate and real estate lawyers to provide our business clients with consistent, high-quality and cost-effective representation. In addition to traditional corporations, we work extensively with Peruvian Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships and other complex Foreign Investment structures as well.

We have a broad and varied Corporate Tax experience, that coupled with our experienced counsel, we are able to address the many tax issues and concerns that our clients have when engaging commercial/business transactions in Peru. Moreover, we provide our clients with practical solutions to the many tax structuring issues and concerns that often arise in connection with the construction, development, acquisition, financing and re-financing, operation, conversion, foreign investment, foreign purchase, domiciled, non-domiciled dispositions of all types of commercial/business assets and interests in partnerships/LLCs or Sole Proprietorships.

Our comprehensive approach includes teaming with the firm’s tax lawyers on appropriate matters from the outset. Whatever the tax issues that arise in a given real estate transaction, we provide practical solutions to these issues to help our clients structure their real estate transactions in a favorable manner. In order to deal with Peruvian Tax Laws correctly, an adequate understanding of this specialty is a must.