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International Child Custody

We at MONTEBLANCO & ASSOCIATES handle international child custody cases throughout Peru and the rest of South and Central America that fall out side the realm of International Child Abduction. We work closely with and through local counsel and law enforcement in an effort to enforce local laws and international treatise when need be.

We are the lawyers that other family lawyers from around the globe turn to when their clients need a local expert to oversee a custody case, especially when one of the parents involved is a foreign national. We also provide assistance on complex cases encompassed by international elements such as Hague Convention cases.

MONTEBLANCO & ASSOCIATES has been called upon to act as expert witnesses on international child abduction prevention and on other aspects of international family law.

We interact with designated Central Authorities throughout South and Central America to expedite cases along when the case requires their involvement.

We have extensive experience on international child custody, international child abduction and international child relocation.

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