It was not more than a couple of decades ago that Peru was a country that basically gave away permanent residencies to anyone that would request it, and once they got it, there were ways to fast-track Peruvian citizenship with good ol’ fashion grease tax. Many took advantage of these legal voids by exploiting an almost nonexistent immigration law scenario and used it indiscriminately for criminal activities elsewhere and then sought refuge in Peru as their new home country. In essence, these actions tarnished the reputation of the country, which consequently created tougher migratory barriers for law-abiding foreign nationals who wished to gain commercial, professional or personal access to this country.

Peru has become a place of strong interest for foreigners to do business in and retire to. Through the implementation of various free trade agreements, the list of investment sectors has gone from being mainly mining and oil industry based on now being real estate, agriculture, fishing, trade, and various other niche markets. As a result of these prominent commercial changes, Peru has become a tedious and complicated country for which to gain residency status. Immigration laws are unreasonably cumbersome and the local immigration authorities are of little to no help in providing actual and factual information regarding work, investor or even family visas.

Monteblanco & Associates steps in to provide all incoming Expats with the necessary know-how and understanding of immigration law and to aid in meeting immigration compliance, Interpol requirements and tying all this in with the Peruvian Ministry of Labor in the event your option is best met by an employment visa. Our consulting services are comprised of but not limited to: determining expatriate quota, labor contracts, temporary work permits in Peru, re-entry visas, alien registration, spousal visas, family visas, Carnet de Extranjeria, Interpol records, etc.

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