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Family Law

It’s a well-known fact that fifty percent of all marriages will end in divorce and if you already have a prior divorce then the chances you will divorce again increases to 75%. So, why should the fact that your spouse is Peruvian or Latin American be any different? Its not, it’s worse. When a spouse recognizes that the marriage is no longer “working” and it is beyond repair, fear, confusion and despair often result, closely followed by mistakes that will haunt you later in the process.

When a marriage ends, there are many issues to resolve including custody, support, alimony, and the division of property. These issues are complex and difficult to resolve. What type of custody arrangement will be best for the children and cause minimal disruption? How is the amount of support calculated, will the court order payment of alimony, and what will happen to our home and other assets?.

Jensen & Hughes has created a branch of the practice that is solely comprised of family law practitioners who have the experience to guide you through the divorce process. We believe that, in addition to providing competent legal services during this intensely personal and emotional experience, our clients will begin to achieve a sense of well-being and optimism by understanding their options and actively participating in the legal process.

Lastly, please understand that the civil court system in Latin America (Peru specially) that oversee the divorce process is a force to be dealt with and not to be taken lightly, if done so, then you will be taken to the cleaners. Protect yourself and your assets when an amicable resolution is not in sight.

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