Carlos Rodriguez, Esq. is a former Criminal Court Judge and now a talented attorney. Carlos has advanced training in Criminal Law and has also worked in International Arbitration as well. Carlos has worked in some of the most complicated criminal matters of this firm and has secured favoorable outcomes for our clients.

For the most part, criminal law matters involving foreigners in Peru can be summarized in one specific area… Drug Trafficking. Peru is infamous for boasting the title of a leading producer of coca leaves and exporter of the purest grade of cocaine in the world. This narrows down to the following: One kilogram (2.2 lbs) of processed, high-grade cocaine can be purchased in Lima for about $500, now take that same kilo to Europe and it will fetch about $20,000 a kilo, depending on where it arrives (Australia and Japan for three times that). Then, by the time it makes it to dealers, it’s worth $80,000, and by the time they dilute it and cut it into grams; a pure kilo is worth around $150,000. So as you can see, the markup is gigantic, the lure is great, but the price to pay when drug mules get caught can easily mean serving an 8 to 25-year sentence in some of the most horrendous prisons in the world where if the prisoner does not have a solid and sizeable financial support from their loved ones back home, they are destined to serve their time under unimaginable and inhumane conditions.

MONTEBLANCO & ASSOCIATES has a great deal of experience in defending clients accused of being drug mules. We represent your loved one and provide them and you with the best options for defense strategies when applicable, or reach a plea bargain when convenient. It is no secret that the Peruvian judicial system, for the most part, is indeed corrupt, but criminal courts are by far the most challenging to deal with. This is a grim and somber representation of the very judicial system we swore to uphold as officers of the court. It is however of paramount importance that our clients and their families go in knowing and understanding full well that this is a situation unlike any you may have ever experienced. The crime of drug trafficking in Peru is a serious offense that requires knowledgeable and experienced attorneys to walk with you every step of the way and to explain the complexities of our Penal Code as we move through the process. At no time in life does the saying you get what you pay for takes on more meaning. You will find all kinds of legal fees available out there but we have the track record that proves that 9 times out of ten, we get our clients a sentence that is either the lowest possible and more often than not, less than the minimum requested by the court. The idea that the person that committed the crime will walk away unpunished or on bail is a judicial impossibility by any stretch of the imagination, any attorney offering this to you is simply one that you need to walk away from.

If this is the first time you are going through this process then we hope this brief information helps to mitigate the mistakes families often make such as thinking their embassies will get their loved ones released. Unfortunately, all that your embassy can do is to make sure your human rights are not violated and that you have access to counsel, you are the only one that can see to it that your family member will have a cot to sleep in, drinking water, proper meals, and even clean clothes to wear to court. The reality is that the comforts or basic things such as these are not really provided by the prison system, they have to be bought or rented.

Lastly, the rule of thumb to keep in mind is that when it comes to criminal cases in general, timing is everything. Be sure to advise your loved one apprehended of the following:

  • To NOT speak to anyone (except representative from their embassy duly identified)
  • To NOT give a statement to the police on what happened
  • To NOT speak to the prosecution without the presence of an attorney of their/your choosing
  • To NOT sign anything or place their name on anything unless it’s written in their language or their selected lawyer is there to translate it
  • Fellow detainees or inmates ARE NOT THEIR/YOUR FRIEND
  • Following these basic rules makes all the difference in the world. Let the Criminal Law team at MONTEBLANCO & ASSOCIATES lead you in the right direction, this is an area of the law where mistakes cannot be afforded. Be sure to Contact Us for any questions you may have and if it is happening as you read this; do not hesitate to call our hotline available 24/7/365 in the contact area of this web site.

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