SM-Pic-2For almost two decades, we have based our legal practice in Peru on the understanding of our client’s concerns. With this insight, we have striven to meet the client’s unique and ever-changing legal needs. Today, we have evolved to become a mature and well-respected international law practice known for our sophisticated legal expertise and our approach to taking on challenges that arise in the day-to-day exercise of the law. Our attorneys are proven experts in their specific areas of the law with many being board certified by international Bar Associations as well.

Our philosophy distances itself from the traditional jack of all trades where one attorney can wear multiple hats in order to cater to the client’s specific needs. We at MONTEBLANCO & ASSOCIATES put a great deal of emphasis in the “Associates” part of our name. We believe in another catchy idiom that reads: To Each His Own, meaning that if you need a good Divorce Attorney in Peru; we have the best; if you need a great Corporate Law Attorney; we have an amazing one. In our firm, you will never catch a specialist in one field exerting a defense in another… not while this firm bears my name!

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