At Monteblanco & Associates, our team of attorneys is licensed to practice law in Lima, New York, Madrid, and London. We are experts in areas of individual law, including family, criminal, and immigration, as well as commercial law specialties like maritime, corporate, and real estate, and service of process.


Each case poses a unique set of challenges — cost, red tape within the judicial system, accounting for different players — and in predicting them, our team is adept in implementing solutions that mitigate classic roadblocks to a successful case. We credit our success to our collaboration with stakeholders. By treating clients as partners, we can respond to market pressures and competitor demands with metric reporting, communication, and efficiency.


A law firm’s wide array of legal services can be intimidating, impersonal, and inept. However, at Monteblanco & Associates, a variety of cases is a strength. Our meticulous and strategic growth within every area of law we practice allows our team of attorneys to hone their specific expertise to produce winning results for our clients. We assign a lead attorney to each case— an expert in that particular field — who serves as the client liaison for the duration of the case, ensuring the client signs off on every step. Understanding court backlogs and legal corruption, lead attorneys are empowered to direct the case in such a way that leads to the best possible outcome for the client.

About Sandro Monteblanco, Esq.:
Sandro Monteblanco is the founding and managing partner of Monteblanco & Associates. His career boasts over a decade practicing international criminal and family law. He lived and studied in the United States and Europe before relocating to Lima, Peru in TK YEAR, where he grew his team of expert attorneys to serve Central and South America, the U.S., and Europe. Monteblanco is an engaged member of several Jewish legal organizations, including B’nai B’rit.
His experience in maritime law and international criminal and family law make him a sought after guest on programs like 20/20 and an expert witness and consultant. Monteblanco assisted in cases with the London High Court, London Police, U.S. State Department, and U.S. Department of Justice and has been successful not only in the removal of red notices carried out by Interpol but also the complete dismissal of cases before Interpol and the Hague.

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